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What sets us apart from the rest is a visionary goal and truly unique designs specially chosen to perfect for our clients.

As life is developing, people's demand for high-quality housing is increasing day by day. Therefore, in recent years, many high-end apartments have appeared. Along with that, diverse architectural styles are also successively born with unique, luxurious and attractive breakthroughs, giving homeowners a living space that is absolutely satisfied.

Design solutions are given with the criterion of taking "people as the center", Every space in the hotel is meticulously researched and designed by Archivina to bring the best quality experience to visitors.

The proposed planning solution aims at a "green" and "smart" city, effectively exploiting the potential of the riverside landscape, applying advanced construction models and technologies, suitable to Vietnamese conditions. South, ensuring that the overall urban area has characteristics that reflect the times and sustainability

In addition to high-end apartment projects, hotels - offices and housing planning. Achivina also offers customers many unique designs for commercial centers, swimming pools...

Typical projects

Archivina have been giving our services in many fields, especially in architectural and interior design


With a team of experienced staff and experts, having participated in many large domestic and foreign projects, Archivina operates in many fields such as: design consulting, investment consulting, project management.. .. “Creating sustainable values” is the principle always associated with Archivina's products and services.

Building projects

Building permit, Interior architecture design. General contractor for design and construction of a beautiful VIP house package: apartment - townhouse - villa - hotel - office building

Architectural Office

Archivina is known for the field of architectural design with long experience: architectural design of villas, townhouses, hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, showrooms, offices, ... Archivina has designed hundreds of projects. Large projects across the country, especially in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, always creates a distinct and classy mark on the places that Archivina has passed.

Archivina established from equitization of VINACONEX branch - UPGC Investment and Trading JSC

Archivina was established and has been working in many fields.

Accomplished projects


Years of experienced