Royal Bac Giang

Design ideas:

Facing the increasing demand of the highend apartment market, as well as service apartments of Bac Giang city, along with the context of the project at the "golden" location in Bac Giang, the Royal Bac Giang building built by Archivina The design has solved the above problems.

Design solutions are given based on a careful analysis of the customer, from which, we propose the most suitable apartment structures in terms of area, living standards, as well as utilities for the project.

We are always interested in the smooth combination of architecture, structure and MEP system to optimize investment efficiency for the project.

The project integrates high-class living facilities such as high-class health care area, Yoga & fitness center, 4-season infinity swimming pool, commercial and service blocks easily accessible ... Located close to the park, Hoang Hoa monument The height and form of the building are carefully calculated to harmonize with the landscape while still keeping its own luxury, suitable for the highend segment that the project is aiming for.

Archivina believes in the success of the project, opening new doors for the vibrant real estate market here!

Project information


Dai Hoang Son Joint Stock Company

Design company:



23 floors, 1 basement, 47,607m2 / floor

Land area:

4,474 m2

Project location:

Ca Trong Street, Bac Giang City

Project stage:

Architecture projects