Cen Dai Mo

Design ideas:

Building design solutions in the direction of green architecture, ensuring natural ventilation, convenient access for people with disabilities, technical structures, fire and explosion prevention, earthquake and human escape.

The modern architectural form is in harmony with the regional architectural landscape, climate and pH, in accordance with the functional use of the building. Using a multi-color paint solution according to the rhythm creates harmony, brightness as well as color contrast.

The green areas and flower gardens are researched to organize open space, create a space for rest and relaxation, and at the same time combine with miniature architecture and utilities so that people can practice sports and go for a walk... meet the requirements of ventilation, noise prevention, air conditioning and light, improve the microclimate environment to ensure improved health for residential areas

Project information


Century Homes Tmđt Joint Stock Company

Company design:


Land area:



Commercial housing 17 floors Social housing 26 floors Total number of apartments 1558 units


Commercial, service and housing

Project location:

Dai Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City

Project stage:

Architecture project