48 Tran Phu

Design ideas:

Inspired by the motion curves of "Water". Water is the basic natural element that creates life, which is increasingly scarce due to human, due to climate change, we have a responsibility to protect water sources.

Water from the ocean waves, which Nha Trang tourists enjoy when coming to this beautiful city.

Water is an indispensable environment in the game "water puppetry": a Vietnamese folk game that has been performed weekly at the City Puppet Theater next to the project.

Curved balconies outside the apartment not only create a soft, special beauty for the building, but also a passive sun block solution for the east - west surface of the building.

"Green" is a transparent element in the project's concept: green is not only the large green spaces that the designer puts in the whole building so that the user always feels like he is living in a green space. Tropical underground garden, which "Green" is to create a good environment and comfort for people inside the building, minimize the impact on the outside environment, save energy consumption in the building. Investor will commit to bring the project to the "Green" standard assessed by the Vietnam Green Building Association as an affirmation of the investor's sustainable development criteria for the community.

Green space on floors 30 -31: With the highlight of the infinity swimming pool racing out into the air, creating an interesting and special image for the project. The structure of the building is also treated with details simulating natural trees and green gardens here to create a special hanging garden.

Roof: Inspired by the bow of the sailing ship, this place will be the venue for mid -range sound, laser or fireworks events at holidays so that people can watch from the 2/4 square. In addition, around the roof terrace, telescopes and bar and restaurant services will be arranged to serve the entertainment needs of Nha Trang residents and tourists.

Project information


VCN Investment Joint Stock Company

Design company:



3480 m2


40 Floors


48 -48A Tran Phu, Nha Trang City

Stage design:

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