Grand World Phu Quoc

Design ideas:

The hotel is located in the luxury resort complex GrandWord Phu Quoc, designed by Archivina inspired by the story: "Flower Stone". That is the place where the intense vitality of the people of the Pearl Island, the rich nature, makes us love this life more, yearning to experience more!

Therefore, Archivina is determined to convey those feelings through the architecture to the fullest!

Design solutions are given with the criterion of taking "people as the center", every space in the hotel is meticulously researched and designed by Archivina to bring the best quality experience for visitors coming here.

The architectural form of the work is the interference between the luxurious and nostalgic Indochinese architectural style along with the exposure of nature, sunshine, wind...

These seemingly opposing elements, when combined, form a beautiful whole, very close, but also very luxurious.

In addition, the internal and external traffic of the project is a prerequisite factor, helping to realize the resort amenities for visitors, as well as the operation and management of the hotel.

Project information


Vinpearl Joint Stock Company

Design company:



18074 m2


1 Basement, 7 Guest floors


Bai Dai, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province

Design Category:

Architectural plan of lot 2-3