VCN Tower

Design ideas:

The 18-storey office is built in a square, strong architectural block, towards sustainability and long-term development.

The highlight of the project is the workspace covered with green trees alternating between the balconies of the floors; create a feeling of closeness and coolness to increase work productivity and efficiency.

The office is designed with an elevator lobby and a WC area with a direct view to the outside, bringing a sense of comfort and improving office quality. In addition, the system of meeting rooms and conference rooms are luxuriously and modernly designed to bring high-class amenities and services to customers. High quality fire protection system, generator and solar power system ensure adequate electricity for the entire building

Project information


VCN Investment Joint Stock Company

Design company:



18-floor office building

Project location:

Cao Bat Quat Street, Cau Lung, Nha Trang City.

Year of completion: